First Church is committed to becoming a church that is filled with the Holy Spirit. To be prayerfully motivating, nourishing, and equipping our congregation to serve God by reaching out to one another and our neighbours.


The purpose of First Church is to love, share, and care.

The love of God is celebrated
Our love for God is demonstrated
Our love for our neighbours everywhere is evident

We show this love by:

Sharing God’s word and our gifts with each other and our neighbours
Caring about and working towards the advancement of God’s kingdom by shining Christ light in our world


Worship – Biblically based relevant worship services which offer diversity and involvement of people of all ages
Education – The encouragement of lifelong learning, spiritual guidance, and growth
Fellowship – Caring, loving, nurturing and praying for each other within the body of Christ
Prayer – We cherish and embrace the power of prayer for one another, the community, and our world
Service & Witness – Reaching out to our neighbours near and far, with the heart and hands of Christ

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Dave VanBerkel

Originally from St.Thomas, Pastor Dave moved back to Ontario a couple years ago, after serving a church in Anchorage, Alaska for 7 years. Prior to graduating from Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dave led the English ministry at a church in South Korea for a year, and enjoyed numerous overseas ministry opportunities in places like India, Turkey, Romania and Rwanda.  Dave has a passion for helping people discover the abundant life God created them to live and gets excited when people experience and talk about God at work in their lives!  

In his free time, Dave loves playing volleyball, trying exotic foods, and collecting passport stamps.